Before starting to choose bridesmaid dresses for the big day, try these few tips to alleviate stress and make things fun for everyone involved. This is one of those items on the wedding list where you may need to leave alone a little, but that very action may just allow you to enjoy this process all the more.

Choosing the perfect bridesmaid dresses for your favorite girls can be very stressful.  With different skin tones and body shapes to cater to it might make the job way harder.  Always understand that every woman is different so you need to find a good place that offers the perfect solution to ensure happy bridesmaids and essentially a happy bride.

1. Colour Scheme

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to finalizing your color scheme. A bold color might pop in pictures, but that’s not to say that a more subdued hue won’t look equally as good and it may look classier with a more understated choice of color. If your venue has a strong color palette or your partner’s outfit has a dominant color, that may give you some idea for color of choice. And don’t forget, with a color choice like light pink or another neutral color, your bridesmaids will be glad that it can be worn more than once.

2. Keep fabrics and styles simple too

Why not make a day of it and gather your favorite girls together for a day of trying bridesmaid dresses, a lovely lunch and then finish off the day with a cocktail in your favorite bar?  Dress shopping should be a fun experience so do your research before you go and make sure the dresses you have your heart set on are within your budget.

Your bridesmaid dresses should not compete with your gown, so it makes sense to err on the side of classic styles and fabrics. One exception to this would be in the case of a theme wedding where you are trying to tie everything together around a specific look (vintage weddings, beach weddings, etc.)

3. Let your bridesmaids select their dresses for the big day

Simply send each bridesmaid a color swatch and some general ideas about types of dresses to look for, and leave the rest up to them! Not only will they be able to shop within their budget but they will have more options to choose from. They’ll also likely be able to wear the new dress they pick out to other occasions in the future.

4. Use flowers to tie things together

If you’ve opted to let your bridesmaids select their styles of dress (and even if the exact colors of the dresses vary slightly), elegant bridesmaid bouquets are a great way to create an elegant unified look even with the different dress styles.

5. Mix & Match

A lot of couples are choosing a tonal mix of dress colors for their bridesmaids which can look striking on the big day.  Tie it all together with the bouquets or ribbons for a cohesive and glamorous look.

This is definitely at the top of bridesmaids trends. To play up your color palette and go for a more vibrant look by incorporating two colors into your bridesmaids’ dresses. You can mix and match two colors of the same style or allow your bridal party to choose any style in the given palette. What will be the result? Happy ‘maids and one gorgeous, colorful bridal party.

How to Mix and Match Flawlessly

  • Color – Think of the same color but different dresses. Choosing a color palette, or simply one solid color for your ‘maids will help your girls look cohesive and stylish. If you’re going for a blush color palette, for example, give your ‘maids specific colors that you think match or even your choice of different dresses in your choice of colors. This way, all your bridesmaids can choose a dress that flatters them!
  • Shoes – Let all your friends wear the same shoes, or the same style of shoes to keep the bridal party looks good together. Keep in mind the length of their dresses when choosing.
  • Pick one designer – If you want your bridal party to have a more uniform look, make sure to choose dresses from one designer. Most designers have a variety of dresses within the same color family in different fabrics and silhouettes for you and your bridesmaids to choose from.
  • Hair and makeup – Everyone has different tastes and different hairstyles and textures, but having your bridesmaids to wear their hair, in the same way, is a great way to create a polished look. All up or down, curled or braided, adds a cohesive element to your bridesmaids.
  • Accessories – Gift your bridesmaids a necklace or pair of earrings they can wear for the ceremony as a way to tie their looks together. It is a simple way to make your bridesmaids’ styles look similar.

6. Hair & Makeup

Lots of couples decide to give the bridesmaids freedom when it comes to hair and makeup and depending on the chosen neckline, hair can be up or down.  For example, an off-center fishtail braid looks amazing with a one-shoulder style, while a high ballerina bun will show off a backless dress perfectly.

7. Consider the time of day and season

If you are planning an outdoor wedding especially, it’s a good idea to plan for weather extremes or inclement weather just in case. Make sure your bridesmaids will be comfortable not just with styles, but with the temperature. You may want to consider shawls or wraps for the dresses just in case the weather is on the cooler side.

8. Keep it practical (think dancing)

Your bridesmaids will want to walk here and there to get things ready and to be able to dance the night away just as much as you, don’t make them wear dresses that will make them uncomfortable doing that.

9. Respect budgets

Not everyone will be able to afford an expensive bridesmaid dress, so if you know that this will be the case for your bridal party, choose some less expensive options and your bridesmaids will appreciate it.

10. Don’t overthink it

Your family and friends attending the wedding will more than likely remember the special moments from the big day your vows, your first dance, how your family members react. Try not to worry so much about the details that only you would notice like the style and cut of the bridesmaid dresses.

11. Delegate

If your wedding to-do list is out of control, don’t be afraid to ask your maid of honor to oversee the bridesmaid dress process and perhaps have her even pick out some initial choices for you to look at.

12. Remember that the wedding is only one day your friendships are forever

Rather than getting worked up over a dress disagreement, try to find a way to put differences aside and be thankful for these amazing friendships that will carry you through a lifetime.

You can be a bride just once in a lifetime, so make sure to get the maximum feeling out of it rather than worrying unnecessarily about perfect bridesmaid dresses and so on.