Every parent’s responsibility lies in protecting their family and ensuring that they are healthy. The first step in making sure your family is healthy is by being healthy yourself. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Take a team approach and make sure that every single member of your family stays healthy

Exercise Regularly

To sustain your body weight at a healthy level, you should exercise regularly.  Whether it’s a quick 20 minutes daily workout or heading off to the gym 3 times a week, exercising is a must. If you take this OneSmallStep it will make a huge difference. So, take the time to encourage your family members to partake in a daily exercising ritual. It could be a skipping rope session in your driveway or simply walking in your neighbourhood for 20 minutes.

Eat a Healthy Diet

A key factor in staying healthy is to eat a healthy diet. Starting off with a hearty breakfast, one must make sure to eat healthy meals at all times. A simple breakfast can include a glass of milk, some fruits, oats etc. For lunch a quick home cooked meal with all the necessary carbs, vitamins and proteins would do. Do keep in mind, your sugar intake should be kept at a minimum.

Keep a Healthy Body Weight

In order to maintain a healthy weight, one must ensure that the meal intake is done regularly. Don’t starve or else you will feel avidly hungry; which will in turn spike up your hunger hormones. Regular meals can be broken into 6 small meals instead of the 3 main meals.

Quit Smoking

We all know that it’s not good for your health as it causes lung cancer to other respiratory issues. Did you also know that passive smoking can cause severe asthma attacks and respiratory infections to your child? Don’t put your loved ones in danger and say no to smoking.

Drink Alcohol in Moderation

Moderate drinking can be helpful. Some of us prefer to go for a drink after a stressful day or every Friday or even the weekends. But doing so will do more harm than good to your body. If at all, you want to have a drink make sure not to overdo it, by drinking regularly. Instead, hangout with your buddies and catch up over dinner, or do some fun group activity where you can even take all your family members. Substitute alcohol with fresh fruit juice or water.

It’s not too late to take #OneSmallStep and keep your family healthy!