Eating healthy doesn’t really have to be complicated. If you stick to the basics you will be just fine. So follow the steps given below to eat healthy every single day!

1. Say hello to the newest diet in town – the Mediterranean diet

A delectable meal of grilled fish served with vegetables and perhaps a glass of wine or juice if you’re a non-alcoholic is as good as it gets. Your diet will include all types of minerals, antioxidants, and healthy fats.

2. Check the nutrients in your food – labels do matter

Check the back of the box (or the side in some cases) before you purchase anything. This will help you avoid high-calorie products. It will help you opt for non-fat milk such as Anchor Shape Up and even avoid juices that contain high levels of sugar.

3. Crunchy is good

We can’t say no to a crunchy mouthful of food. That means nuts, apples, celery are in. Say no to those bags of chips though. The more time you spend on chewing your food, the more time your body will take to be full.

4. Organic food is good

It is always good to keep in mind that unprocessed food is good for your healthy eating lifestyle. That means fresh vegetables, fruits and grains are good to be included in your meal rather than processed products.

5. Eat mindfully and drink water

Take your time to eat. Don’t rush or eat in front of a TV. Concentrate on your meal and nothing else. Why does everyone say this? Well, did you know that it takes approximately 20 minutes for your mind to figure out that you’re full? That means if you eat fast, you’re going to eat more than what you can actually have. Drink plenty of water as well, that way, you won’t overeat and you will be hydrated properly.

6. Cook at home

Prepare your meals at home; this will help you avoid junk and unhealthy food and also know what exactly is in your meal. Of course, it will be an added advantage to get your whole family involved in prepping the meals thus making your bonds stronger.

7. Create a meal plan for you

It is good for your health and your pocket. Create a weekly meal plan will allow you to pick what you’re going to eat and how often. Your meal plan will be personalised for you and will help you stay healthy at your own pace.

You’re #onesmallstep away from starting your healthy lifestyle. So start your daily routine today!