Have you lost all interest in staying healthy and fit? Small steps can help you stay focused on your exercises and diet which in turn will help you stay healthy. Don’t go all big, instead take #onesmallstep at a time and start your journey to healthy living.

1. Feeling good about yourself

Whatever health condition you are in at present, make sure you have a strong support group that will help you feel good about yourself. These friends and family should encourage you to stay healthy and exercise regularly. Is anybody saying otherwise? It’s time to say goodbye to them. Keep in mind; you don’t have to be thin to be healthy.

2. Find a good role model

Find an appropriate role model. A positive person who follows a healthy lifestyle and has a good attitude is someone worth considering as your role model. Don’t fall for people pretending to be a good role model, find someone you can relate to. This person will help you make positive changes to your lifestyle as well.

3. Find out what makes you overeat

For you to focus on your healthy diet, you must first figure out what makes you eat all those junk food. Is it a mechanism for you to cope up with sadness, guilt, disappointment? Find out what triggers you, and find a healthier alternative whenever you feel the urge to start overeating. Keeping your surrounds clean and packed with healthy snacks maybe one way to avoid eating junk food. If you are someone who drinks frizzy drinks often opt out for something healthy like water or a glass of non-fat milk.

4. Daily changes will lead to good habits

You form habits over time, so make sure to do positive changes to your lifestyle daily. Be it taking up yoga, drinking extra glasses of water, having a balanced meal or exercising for merely 5 minutes per day, start small and gradually increase your good habits.

5. Move around

Just as eating healthy meals are important, physical fitness is also essential for you to lead a well-balanced healthy life. So, start being more physically active and don’t sit around. Take the stairs when going to your office, instead of watching TV go for a jog/ run, park at the furthest end of the supermarket and walk.

6. Celebrate each day

While you have your long term health / fitness goals, don’t forget to celebrate the daily achievements as well. Your goals are important, focus on them and the little victories also deserve to be noticed. Be it writing down on your journal or celebrating with your friends; make sure every little step is celebrated.

7. Change takes time

It is vital to keep in mind that change cannot happen overnight, so be kind to yourself. Don’t compare yourself with others as your body and environment differs and will have an impact on how soon you can be healthy. Staying healthy is a continuous journey, so don’t quit!