Make a fresh start this New Year. Whether it’s for health reasons or whether it’s to lose those extra pounds make sure to follow your healthy diet continuously. Want to know how to avoid failing at it? Here’s how.

1. Follow The Best Approach For You

Don’t follow a diet just because someone else is doing the same or because you think it is right. Every one of us has a unique body and a metabolism. Depending on your requirement, find the right diet for you; preferably seek professional advice from a nutritionist. If you’re going to wing it, make sure to have a balanced diet and reduce the intake of fast food, sugar and processed food. It is also healthy to have a glass of milk daily and brands such as Anchor Shape Up are among the options to choose from.

2. Losing Weight is Not a Fast Process

All of us are guilty of expecting fast results, but it is vital that we keep in mind that losing weight is a slow process. Shredding those pounds you gained is going to take time. While it is easy to lose the water weight, losing fat is time consuming and requires you to stay motivated and follow through your diet.

3. Ignore Bloating and Hunger

Bloating is sometimes a side-effect of eating clean. All the fresh fruits, vegetables, beans and grains mean that your fibre intake will be high. During the first stage this will bloat your stomach however, with time it will lessen gradually. This temporary expansion does not mean you should give up on your new diet. Unnecessary hunger pangs are to be ignored while you get used to your new diet. You can opt to eat smaller portions 6 times a day rather than only having 3 main meals. This #OneSmallStep will help you stay off of excessive eating habits.

4. Find Moral Supporters

Most people fail their diets within the first 7 days, hence it’s vital to have a strong support system to keep you motivated. Get your family and friends to keep you inspired daily. You can get them to join your new diet or start associating likeminded people to help stay focused on your new plan. Don’t let peer pressure keep you off the wagon of improvement.

5. Don’t give into cravings

Eating healthy is not always easy. After a stressful day at work we all want to have a pizza or not take time to prepare dinner. That chocolate cake or ice cream looks extra yummy on some days. The trick is not giving into these cravings. Keep your end goal in mind. Follow your diet continuously. Even if you slip-up just one day, make sure to get back on track.