Most of us spend the majority of our time at work or commuting to work. With busy schedules and deadlines, it is vital to look after your wellness. This is why every company should keep in mind to keep their employees happy. While one can follow the standard ideas such as encouraging employees to climb stairs, do yoga etc. employers should also focus on the long term health benefits of their employees. 

Here are a few tips to ensure that your wellness is a priority at work. 

1. Health Club or Healthy Snack Club

Most of us find it boring or too consuming to cook or consume healthy meals. The easiest way out is to order some snacks or junk food.  Now, to avoid this you can do two things. One is to form a club and get employees to bring in healthy lunches to the office. The person who brings in the yummiest and the healthiest meals for a month can be rewarded in some way. The other is to collect a membership fee from each member of the club, (while the company contributes a fair potion as well), serve healthy meals 5 days of the week from these funds. The meals can simply include some fruits and nuts, a glass of non-fat milk such as Anchor Shape Up or even a cooked lunch. Take that #onesmallstep and see how the workplace wellness blossoms.

2. Distribute a List of Healthy Dining Venues

Convenience matters to almost all. Compile a list of restaurants along with a menu that serves healthy meals and share it with your employees. This will encourage them to order from these places. If you’re a manager, promote healthy eating among your employees. If you’re a large organisation that has its own cafeteria, serve healthy meals at a discounted rate, this will encourage employees to opt for a healthy breakfast / lunch.

3. Healthy Lunch Room Snacks

We eat what is easily available to us, so why not stock some healthy snacks in the break room? Some fruits during tea time instead of a huge chocolate cake will help everyone keep their calorie intake balanced. It might be a tad bit costly but in the long run, you will have employees who are healthy and committed to work.

4. Bike to Work Challenge

While most employees drive to work, some even use public transportation to get to work. Encourage them to cycle to work by promoting physical fitness, workshops that educate them being healthy. To facilitate this challenge, you could include a new bike space and also build a shower in the washrooms. HR team could even organise an event to promote cycling to work.

5. Sports Equipments at Work and Memberships

If you have enough office spaces, building a sports court will immensely help your employees to reduce their stress levels. It is widely accepted that taking a break to play a game (it could be badminton, basketball, chess etc.), will keep your stress levels at bay. Why not have these facilities in your office? If space is a problem, then try to get discounted corporate memberships at a gym / fitness centre nearby.


Apart from these you could also implement a smoking free environment, promote walking meetings and even organise walking / running clubs. Take care of your employees’ mental and physical health, and they, in turn, will take care of the company.