The first decade of the nineteenth century is referred to as the Edwardian era. It was a time where style reached a height in luxury and elegance. It was not surprising that each women and men during this time paid close attention to perfectly tailored clothing, particular fabrics, and elegant accessories.

Although the 1900s men’s fashion is pretty distinct from what is seen on the streets today, there are a few things the modern man can grab from this era. Nineteenth-century style, may not have the best fashion, however, it served as an important turning point in how men put themselves together each morning.

1. The Three-Piece Suit

  • This formal apparel was a large part of men’s style at some stage in the first decade of the 20th century, with the three-piece fit reigning supreme.
  • A three-piece suit at this time would consist of a sack coat with an identical vest (also referred to as a waistcoat) and trousers.
  • During this time trousers commonly featured cuffs, a stylistic factor that remains to this present day in many forms of dress pants.

2. Men’s Neckwear

  • The tie turned into an essential accessory in men’s style during this era.
  • Depending on the occasion distinct types of ties have been worn.
  • The cravat was quite popular during this time. It is a neckwear piece similar to today’s necktie that is tied with the same four in hand knot that is still popular today.
  • The cravat differs from today’s tie in the way it is worn, it’s tied a bit shorter and the shirt collar was not turned over.
  • The classic bow tie was very common during this time. It was usually worn for very formal occasions.
  • The third common sort of neckwear worn during this era was the ascot.
  • It is a neck accessory that is a mixture of a silk scarf and a modern-day necktie. The ascot was generally worn for formal daytime attire.

3. Accessories

  • Accessories were an essential part of men’s style in this era.
  • The top hat become a vital detail for men who dressed formally, while casual dress commonly saw guys sporting Homburgs or bowler hats, both were very often paired with lounge suits.
  • For footwear, guys of this era generally wore boots that got over the ankle, with lace-up boots in drab color generally worn all through the day.
  • For formal occasions, boots normally consisted of white uppers, in addition to buttons along their sides.
  • This later changed to the lace-up Oxford, a style that still stays popular in contemporary times.

What can the Modern Man grab?

  • Early 1900s style can seem tough to put into effect into present-day style. Start by deciding on shirts that characteristic tall, stiff collars.
  • While the top hat isn’t normally worn these days, Homburgs may look exceptionally attractive as part of present-day formal attire.
  • Since the bow tie was a commonplace detail observed in the 1900s eveningwear, you could incorporate it into a formal suit.

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