New Year is a great time to make changes to your lifestyle and get on with a fresh start. Here are some tips to make your life better this year. Your #OneSmallStep away from making 2021s, a different year with these 5 changes.  

  1. First thing’s first. Ditch your New Year resolutions. We all know that these resolutions don’t stick till the end of the year. Instead, if you start creating habits, healthy habits to be a matter of fact, you will be following them for a long time. Remember, what we do everyday matters a lot more than what you do occasionally.


  1. Things that are related to your long term health are important. It is vital that you identify these. Maintaining a healthy BMI, not smoking, exercising for at least 20 – 30 minutes daily, or even having sufficient vegetables and fruits daily can be your long term goals which will help you lead a healthy lifestyle. Apart from these, staying positive, taking care of the mental health of you and your family can also be some of the long term goals you want to focus on. Strengthen these long term goals one by one.


  1. What really works for you? Knowing this is very important. Identifying what distracts you and what keeps you motivated will allow you to plan a lifestyle personalized to you.


  1. Small and easy changes will help you start building up to good and healthy habits. For example, your goal could be to start eating healthy food. Start by introducing fruits for breakfast, or perhaps even going for a healthy milk powder such as Anchor Shape Up. If your goal is to start exercising and losing weight but you’re someone who can’t spend a lot of time, then you can even start a 10 minute workout at home after work. This will gradually lead you to exercise longer or eating healthy food for all meals.


  1. Get enough sleep. We tend to overlook getting quality sleep all the time. Due to work, or taking care of the family, we neglect ourselves by not getting enough sleep. Sleeping well is key to our mental and physical health. Chances of you acquiring chronic diseases will grow high if you don’t get enough sleep. Your body is a machine and it needs to restore. Sleep helps with the process.


Follow these simple and easy tips to make a change to your lifestyle.