Whilst there’s only so much you can do to change your looks, there are ways you can instantly increase your attractiveness to others.

Studies show that your body language, your actions, and even what you wear can boost your appeal.

So don’t go further by doing artificial things by dying your hair, following a dull diet or getting a spray tan, embrace who you are but make yourself more attractive with these 30 genius ways.

1. Make yourself look taller

Research has shown women prefer taller men over the short guys, but just because you can’t change your height doesn’t mean you can’t physically make yourself look like you grew a few inches. Experts say sticking to monochromatic color palettes otherwise known as colors that are the same shade will make you appear taller. Plus, it looks super classy. You can’t go wrong with an all-black look.

2. Put on some sunglasses

There might be a reason celebs wear sunglasses all the time. According to one expert, there’s some science behind it. It was found that people tend to look more attractive when wearing dark shades because of a few reasons: they make your face look more symmetrical, it adds a little mystery in other words some sexiness, and they have a history of being cool, making you look cooler, too.

3. Stop crossing your arms

It can quickly become a habit to cross your arms when you’re standing, but opening up a little will make you look much more attractive. A study found having an open posture especially when you’re first meeting someone makes you look more confident and charismatic whether you’re male or female.

4. Show off your jawline

Men who show off their jawlines instantly appear more attractive and sexier all because of evolution. One review dug into the topic and found it’s more appealing to women for one specific reason, it’s a super masculine feature that shows genetic strength. While your beard is great and all, you might want to trim it up so your facial structure is a little more prominent.

5. Stand tall

No matter what your gender, standing up straight is the first step towards telling others that you’re both interested and interesting. Among other things, it signals “youth,” as well as a certain openness and alertness that a hunched-over or slouched back fails to convey.

6. Wear stubble

According to a study it was found out that women find facial hair more attractive than a clean-shaven face. However, the study revealed that, of all the facial hair lengths, stubble is the most attractive overall. So to kick attractiveness up a notch it is advised to ditch the razor that shaves your face clean, and instead, use its better to use an electric beard trimmer that will leave a degree of stubble.

7. Opt for contacts

If you can handle getting your hands close to your corneas, try contacts. According to a study, it was confirmed that glasses make people appear less attractive. If you like using contacts opt for contacts instead.

8. Stand with your feet apart

Standing with your feet a little wider than shoulder-width signals virility and fertility and is a huge turn-on for women. In addition to remaining cognizant of this posture when waiting at bus stops and other public locales, it is recommended using this pose in pictures for dating apps and other profiles to catch someone’s eye.

9. Pull your shoulders out

In addition to standing up straight, it is recommended to actively pull your shoulders back and out. This is said to be a power pose, and while women find it attractive because it emphasizes the chest, men find it desirable as well as it exposes the sensual inner wrist.

10. Don't wear clothing that is too big

Though fashion trends may change from day to day emphasizing one cut one day and another the next it’s never a good idea to wear clothes that are too big for you. While it may be part of a larger ensemble or a symptom of your desire to go back to the ’90s, the effect it will have is only to make you appear fat and without shape. Regardless of age and generation fitting clothing is the way to go.

11. Grow a Beard

While stubble is proven to be the most widely attractive form of facial hair, there’s a niche for other designs, as well. Specifically, if you’re looking for something “long-term,” go with the (short) beard. As a result, you’ll be perceived as more trustworthy.

12. Have your hands out

Ever found yourself on camera or film and wondered what do I do with my hands? Well, that’s not the only time to be asking yourself that perplexing question. To appear strong and attractive it’s important to have your hands at the ready and “available for action.” While it may seem the epitome of cool to stroll down the road with your hands in the pockets of a trench coat, apparently it’s not the most effective way to attract a partner.

13. Keep your wardrobe updated

Clothes don’t make the man, but they can help undo him. While it’s not crucial to remain on the cutting edge of the latest trends, that doesn’t mean it’s okay to non-ironically dress like a character in an ’80s movie just because you don’t want to go shopping. It doesn’t take much to keep your wardrobe updated and to avoid coming across as lazy and sloppy, always keep in mind that a little effort goes a long way.

14. Hold your head up

Attractiveness starts with how you project yourself. This means maintaining a posture that keeps your head held high. As long as you don’t take the opportunity to literally look down your nose at others, the position exudes a sense of confidence, and not arrogance.

15. Add Some Color To Your Face

In the same way that bright clothing draws attention to a prospective mate, so does color on the face. To increase attraction, then, try some bright blush or a colored lipstick anything that makes your face pop as compared to plain skin.

16. Be confident

Self-esteem instantly makes you a more attractive person. While this isn’t something that can be done overnight, performing some of the associated behaviors making solid eye contact, engaging in more free body language, and generally being less guarded is a good start.

17. Relax your face

Though a stern countenance can appear mysterious, it can also ward off the very types of interactions its appeal hopes to lure. To instead appear more approachable and the kind of person that someone can just walk up and talk to try relaxing your facial muscles. And don’t fret you can always get your jaw workouts done later.

18. Work on your humor

Ask anybody to name the top quality they look for in a significant other, and you’ll be surprised at how many people answer, ‘a sense of humor.’ In addition to being “fun to be around,” this is because funny people are considered “more social and intelligent.” Joking not exactly your thing? Come with a few memorized jokes in hand and try working them into a conversation. Nobody has to know exactly where you got your sense of humor from.

19. Smile

Smiling does count. While you shouldn’t make an effort to appear happier than you are there’s no harm in presenting a side of yourself that others feel would be pleasant to be around. And if, deep down, you’re broody or dark don’t worry, others will adjust to this eventually.

20. Be altruistic

Helping others with no thought for yourself is more attractive than good looks when it comes to those looking for a long-term relationship.

A study found that average-looking men who gave money to a homeless person were deemed more attractive to women than better-looking men who walked straight past. This wasn’t the case for women looking for short-term flings though.

21. Maintain eye contact

It’s a well-known trick that maintaining eye contact is an effective flirting technique, but according to scientific research, it makes you seem more attractive too.

To boost your attraction to the maximum simply look directly at the target of your affection and smile at them.

22. Modify your walk

Swaying your hips or adopting a swagger’s style when you walk can make women and men more attractive respectively, according to research.

You could double your allure simply by walking differently. For women, it’s a case of swinging your hips from side to side, whereas men should walk with swagger in their shoulders.

23. Wear red

When men wear red it makes them seem more dominant and successful. When it comes to women by wearing red, they tap into men’s primitive desires and thus seem more sexually desirable.

However, when this theory was put to the test there were mixed results.

24. Nod your head

People appear to be up to 40 percent more attractive to others simply by nodding their heads.

A study found that doing so makes someone seem more approachable and likable, and thus more attractive.

25. Use metaphorical compliments

According to researchers, women prefer and desire men who use metaphorical language to compliment them.

They claim that compliments like “Your eyes are refreshing like the morning dew” or “Your smile melts my heart away like a naughty goblin” are better received than straight expressions like “Your lips are so addictive.” The theory is that using metaphorical language requires more intelligence than more obvious compliments.

26. Work on your personality

Studies show that judgments of physical attractiveness are influenced by familiarity, liking, respect, and talent. To work on your personality, then, try improving some of your personality traits, like staying positive and being agreeable. Also, he says, while it isn’t a pageant, it can’t hurt to show off some of your talents.

27. Get the right haircut

While there are endless varieties of popular new haircuts being trotted out each day, what’s more, important is getting a cut that fits your face. Just because everyone else has a pompadour doesn’t mean you should, too, and many of those wearing that trendy style would probably be better with a different cut, as well. You wouldn’t wear the same shoes as your neighbor, after all, so why copy the same haircut?

28. Wear rimless glasses

Similarly, while glasses were shown to decrease attractive in most wearers, they had their upsides too specifically those of the rimless variety. Particularly they made wearers appear more intelligent and trustworthy. Like many decisions in life, it’s all a tradeoff.

29. Wear bright colors

When it comes to color palette wear as many bright colors as possible. After all, it’s called peacocking for a reason: So much of interpretation of attractiveness is contingent on women making themselves easily noticed by wearing stand-out clothing.

30. Lean beats bulky

A lot of what guys think what women want is huge muscles. This, however, isn’t exactly true, as women prefer men who have “less body fat and appear stronger. Instead of looking to bulk up at the gym, it is recommended working towards an “athletic” look, and a lean, toned physique.

A lot of what guys think what women want is huge muscles. This, however, isn’t exactly true, as women prefer men who have “less body fat and appear stronger. Instead of looking to bulk up at the gym, it is recommended working towards an “athletic” look, and a lean, toned physique.