Exercising can be beneficial for you as it reduces heart risks, helps you control weight and it will also teach your kids to be more engaged and active in school.  A family bonding session can be fun as well as healthy. Spend more time with your family and try out these 5 fun fitness activities next time!

1. Walk or Cycle

We prefer to drive or simply take a taxi to even the closest spots like the grocery store or the supermarket. It’s time to put an end to this. Get your children to walk or even cycle with you instead. How to make it fun? Keep a track of the steps and have a family log. Every week you can keep track of progress made and hand out stickers or a gift for the highest achiever. Taking this OneSmallStep will help your family stay fit!

2. Make Time to Play

Even if you have a busy schedule make sure to keep aside 30 minutes for two or three days a week, as a playtime with your family. This can be done as an after-school activity or even a weekend activity. Hide and seek, football, hopscotch are few games you can try out. If you and kids are the more adventurous type, a weekend hike is also an option.

3. Active Family Gatherings

Make family gatherings active. A game of cricket, basketball, or even a pool party instead of watching TV or playing computer games is advisable during family gatherings. This will help your family to connect with each other.

4. Sing, Dance and Clean

Cleaning the household can be an enjoyable task. You can assign a time for the entire family to take part in a cleaning session. How to make it fun? Play your favourite tunes and have a sing along. Younger children can help pick the toys while singing and dancing to their favourite nursery rhyme. 😉

5. Weekly Garden Days

Get your kids to help you keep the garden clean and proper.  Weekly pruning, daily watering, weeding can be assigned to them. You can also assign different vegetable, fruits or flower patches to your kids and get them to take care of it by themselves. This will not only help them to stay fit but also make them enjoy nature more.