Is your job stopping you from working out? Fear no more, here are 5 easy workouts to try out during office. Read and start your new fitness routine at work this year.

Work out 1: Wall Squats

An easy way to do squats; it targets your lower body.

Assuming you don’t work in an open space, find the nearest wall. Stand next to it with your head and back against it. Make sure when you’re leaning back that your legs are not touching the wall and are at least a foot away from the wall. Next up, bend your legs while sliding down to a sitting position. Hold the pose for 5 seconds and then slide back. Repeat at least 10 times.

Work out 2: Chair Dips

Take that #OneSmallStep and do some chair dips to make the triceps firm.

To start off the exercise, you can sit at the edge of the chair. Place the hands at the edge of the chair on either side. Gradually scoot off the chair and lower yourself to a 90 degree angle. Bring yourself up by pushing yourself up from your arms. Get back to a sitting position. Do this 15 times or more. Keep in mind, if your chair has any wheels to have necessary support so that you won’t have any back issues by sliding off etc.

Work out 3: Shadow Boxing

Let go of the work stress as you do a heart pumping shadow boxing session. To do this cardio workout you might want to go to a closed space or outside of the office. 

The first step is to take a stance of a boxer. Throw punches to the air while alternating arms. You can simply do this for a few minutes.

Work out 4: Russian Twists

Who says you can’t work your core during office? Russian twists can be done sitting at the edge of your desk or a firm chair. Simply extend your legs in front and twist your stomach to the right while extending your arms in the same direction. Repeat the same to the left side and continue for a minute or more, depending on how much you can squeeze in during your short break.

Work out 5: Neck Rotations

An easy work out for anyone at work, neck rotations can be done for a few minutes depending on the stress levels. Turn your head to the left so that your chin is kept parallel to the shoulder. Next, drop your head down and continue the movement to the right side. This half circle rotation can be done alternatively until you feel that the neck tension is gone.