Not everyone has the time or the finances to go to a gym and spend hours working out to lose that extra layer of fat. If you are one of them, then here’s a 15 minute workout plan to burn fat daily.

Before you start off a workout, make sure to have a proper meal. If you don’t feel like having an entire meal, take in the necessary proteins. One may try out a protein smoothie, a glass of milk or a cup of oatmeal. 

1. Warm Up Exercise

Work on a set of warm up exercises of your choosing. For this workout you can include the following:

  • Inward and outward hip rotations
  • Forward and backward arm circles
  • Walkouts
  • Deep reverse lunges to knee raise

2. Dumbbell Squats / Squat Jumps

Keep your hips apart and the dumbbells by your side. Bend your knees and lower into a squat. Use your heels to get back to the initial position and repeat. One can also try out squat jumps (without using dumbbells). Dumbbell squats / squat jumps help out as a cardio workout.

Note: If you don’t have dumbbells at home, you can substitute other things such as a tin, water cans etc.  Link:

3. Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Stand straight with hips width apart. Bend your arms in front of shoulders and raise the dumbbells. Elbows should be out at 90 degrees. Then raise the dumbbells above your head, hold the position for few seconds and return back to the initial stance. Repeat the routine.

4. Dumbbell Deadlift

Stand up with your knees bent slightly and your spine straight. Hinge forward from your hips until the dumbbells reach your feet. Repeat the steps.

5. Push-up

One can say that this is one of the most difficult workouts out of the lot. Set yourself up in a plank position and keep the hands wider than the shoulders, bend the elbows and bring your lower body down. Avoid lifting your hips.

6. Mountain Climber

It’s a mountain climbing experience on flat ground. Start off with a push up position. Gradually bring your left foot up to your chest. Alternate and repeat the same.

7. V-sit Crunch

Lie down on your back and keep your hands extended over your head. Crunch up and lift your legs and form your body into a V. Exhale when lifting the legs and when returning to the initial position inhale.

8. Sprint on the spot

This is similar to a normal sprint; the only difference is you will be in one spot. Rest for 10 seconds and repeat.

Staying in shape is an art that can be mastered by anyone who has the necessary will-power and motivation. So take that #OneSmallStep today and start working out for 15 minutes daily.