Sunglasses are a defining centerpiece of any urbane style. Wearing them creates a striking focal point that sets a gentleman’s aesthetic basis for a poignantly sharp presentation. Each individual set of eyewear for men can offer a brilliantly bold statement tailored to any social occasion, and of course, act as the foundational element in establishing a suave man’s identity. However, with so many men’s sunglasses and styles out there, which ones are the best among them?

The key to pulling off the sunglasses of your choice is pretty straightforward: be confident. Life’s too short. It is fine to try new models and styles but if you want to look flawless, rest assured a square-shaped frame that has slightly rounded edges, or a round-shaped frame that has slightly squared edges, is still going to look more than fine regardless of your face shape.

1. Ray-Ban Cats 5000 Over-sized Sunglasses

Charismatic authenticity is touch into every pair of shades produced by Ray-Ban, but the Cats 5000 is in a mighty league of its own. These inspirational sunglasses replenish a sense of gentlemanly grandeur. Steam-punk enthusiasts will have a field day with the metallic luminosity. With kinetic gold tones, this pair features a cutting-edge mold that looks just perfect on anyone.

2. Carrera Hot Aviator Sunglasses

These hot shades are the definition of uninterrupted confidence. They have a relentless ego of their own, and the brand’s finesse extends into a vivacious visual wonder with their roguish Aviator remodel. Serious pizazz is built into the mysterious mold. These cerebral sunglasses can transform any guy into a true stud with uncompromisingly tactful repose.

3. Prada Aviator Sunglasses

With masterfully refined curvature, Prada has truly conquered the authoritative appeal of the inimitable Aviator. In pursuit of serene simplicity, their metallic craft has achieved functional perfection. Unnecessary extremities are not present in this straightforward set of shades, instead, they opt for structural enhancements. The timeless statement will be an envy of everyone else around.

4. Gucci Logo Temple Aviator Sunglasses

These magisterial Italian shades invoke a devilishly seductive mystique. Gucci commands austerity and respect with their classic take on the Aviator style. The frame is durable and light, but the brand is heavy when it comes to delivering prestige. As a product of meticulous care for detail, this stunning pair procures a handsomely tapered visage. These enigmatic sunglasses are a true investment in confidence.

5. Maui Jim MauiFlex Freight Trains Polarized Plus Sunglasses

To instill a bold bravado, simply get help from Maui Jim. The streamlined presentation conceals a daring composition. Long-term malleability allows the frame to comfortably adjust to each man’s contour. Unmistakable professionalism is demonstrated by the exterior, and a luxurious interior molding generates supreme reliability. With a zealously polished persona, these shades easily trounce most rival offerings.

6. Toms Marco Sunglasses

As a startling powerhouse of style, the Marco design has reinvigorated the marketplace in terms of flashy appeal. A blatant disregard for the standards of the convention has yielded true innovation. With strikingly dramatic multi-colored plastic, Toms is a force to be reckoned with. Slickness is now at the disposal of any lucky guy that tries these shades.

7. Marc By Marc Jacobs Aviator Sunglasses

Flawless architectural integrity is a centerpiece of these fine Aviator shades. Sly cunningness exudes from the debonair mystique embodied by these classic frames. The magnanimous brand portends smooth social encounters, and the unquixotic design boldly suits any endeavor. With a distinctly piercing presentation, these sunglasses even suit vespertine lifestyles.

8. Shwood Govy Wood Sunglasses

Lethal ingenuity is ingrained in every fancy concoction that comes from Schwood, but they have transcended the conceptual basis of true sunglasses with their continuously evolving flair. The Govy is a surreal wooden masterpiece that equips a man with his down-to-earth nature. Use style to become a destined master of this worldly domain. With multiple composite styles of woods to choose from, every nature lover can find a complementary tone.

9. Carrera Eyewear Champion Aviator Sunglasses

Victory is eponymously assured with Carrera’s Champion. This unparalleled design leaves no room for extraneous interpretation. Any man that enters a room while wearing these exquisite shades will instantly receive lively praise. These exuberant sunglasses feature a unique circularity that can serenely capture the attention of any esteemed fashion icon. These enlivening spectacles are worth every penny. They ingratiate an unbridled sense of luster for a diverse range of styles.

10. Marc By Marc Jacobs Retro Sunglasses

This replica of a pure vintage anachronism is explosively irresistible. Brandishing these Retro specs will enable time-traveling capabilities for a man’s exterior physique. With an ageless attitude, these trim sunglasses for men represent a timeless legacy. By generating the appearance of a coiffed VIP, this brand can effortlessly take a man to fascinatingly new places. The secret agent style will lead to extraordinary encounters.

11. Smith Optics Serpico Slim Polarized Sunglasses

The pinnacle of sauve maturity can be conjured through the sterling achievements of these slim shades. The essence of this alluring mold stems from the sheer innovation illustrated by Smith Optics, which includes advanced polarized lenses that do a remarkable job of eliminating excess glare. With innately intuitive craftsmanship, these expressive sunglasses exclaim stylish self-actualization.

12. KW Perry Sunglasses

With Perry shades, persuasive men can surreptitiously showcase classy humility. Compared to its competitors, KW offers economically pragmatic options. The lenses provide maximum protection from the sun’s rays, and they falsely cultivate a facade of enormous austerity. Now, even a man of modest means can employ a fever inducing strut.

13. Spy Optic Flynn Rectangle Sunglasses

These men’s shades are delightfully pompous and eclectically post-modern. With a vast variety of vibrant color options, they are unrivaled in their customizable potential. The geometric anomaly is impressive in every form. Discover unfettered heights of witty smoothness by meeting with your inner spy.

14. Mykita

Mykita is an award-winning German eyewear manufacturer. The company was founded by Harald Gottschling, Daniel Haffmans, Philipp Haffmans, and Moritz Kruger in 2003. Its currently operating from Berlin. Mykita is known for producing hand-assembled sunglasses.

Mykita sunglasses aren’t the most accessible sunglasses available in the market they are super-expensive. There are some models even going for more than Rs. 80,000. The “cheapest” Mykita sunglasses are around Rs. 30,000. Mykita sunglasses are renowned for their top-notch quality. If you can afford a pair, expect it to last for several years.

15. Maui Jim

Maui Jim is one of the most highly regarded sunglass manufacturers in the world. It’s a private company founded by Jim Richards in Hawaii in 1980. The brand stayed in the state of Hawaii for eight years before being introduced in the mainland US in 1988.

Maui Jim offers both non-prescription and prescription sports and fashion sunglasses, which are often marketed with a water-related theme, a nod to the company’s roots in Hawaii. Maui Jim sunglasses come with undeniable quality and durability, making them a popular choice among people who love to travel or hit the beach all at once.

People wear sunglasses for several reasons. Some to protect their eyes from the sunlight, to look classy, to try out new sunglass trends but most of all it’s to get the best fitting sunglass for you. The best 15 sunglass brands are mentioned above. Choose one that you prefer alongside matching the place or occasion you are attending to.