A guy going down the lane while wearing a hoodie is all that is required to allure the girls in the alley. There are many ways to wear a hoodie but here are the top 5 modern ways to wear a hoodie.

1. Casual

You can go casual with a hoodie effortlessly. Simply layer a hoodie as you would a T-shirt. Choose thicker fabrics for a warmer, chunkier cold look or keep things pared-back with a simple white T-shirt underneath a zip-through. Similarly, with colors suitably matched, a casual outfit can work well if you carry yourself in it properly.

Fit and material are what separate contemporary style from the rebellious teen here.

2. Smart Casual

This is a kind of a change, but dressing a hoodie up in a smart casual way can be done these days. Think a well-fitted hoodie in a luxe material underneath the softer tailored jacket and over a button-down shirt or polo. Add some tailored trousers and a minimal leather sneaker to anchor.

If in doubt, look to the Italians for their seemingly innate ability to balance proportion and softness with the hoodie.

3. Streetwear

The hoodie has been central to the evolution of streetwear for a very long time now. The more creative side of color, design, and fit can be played here. You can try relaxed cuts, visible logos, bold hues, and, of course, the latest kicks. The authentic skate-influenced brands will always dominate this aesthetic, still, your look can be given a luxe twist courtesy of a high-fashion logo such as Gucci, Off-White, Balenciaga, etc…

4. Athleisure

At the core of the hoodie, revival is comfort and that’s the key to athleisure effortless style with performance in mind. For an easy, stylish athleisure look opt for soft luxe bomber jackets over merino wool or cotton hoodies. You can opt for a pair of smart fitted joggers and box-fresh leather sneakers that complete the look.

5. Sport

You can go for sporty choices but go for slimmer silhouettes, smarter, sweat-wicking materials, no tucking in and minus the converse. Most of all the better you look exercising, the better you will feel exercising, and the more likely you’ll go to the gym, hit the track, or get out on the pitch.

Hoodies can be worn in numerous ways but try any of the above mentioned five ways and match according to the situation and your preference.