Bohemian women love layering, glamour details completed with eye-catching accessories but hippie style is way more different it’s more about self-expression and art by itself. Plus hippie is more unisex and can look quite mannish. Anyway, those of you who want to know more about hippie style read further as below are the top ways to transform yourself into a hippie.

1. Choose loose, comfortable, and natural tops

A simple T-shirt will work if you have other accessories to dress it up with, but it’s better to opt for faded, old, or used tees. Hipsters have largely claimed the ironic and retro tees, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try something creative too. Still, there are other options for you to try if you want to branch out. Incorporate tie-dyed tops into your repertoire. Sure, they probably shouldn’t be worn every day, but once in awhile, they’re a great alternative. Dashikis can add beautiful color and tribal patterns to an otherwise drab outfit. Nice, long-sleeved peasant blouses are an especially popular choice among hippies, as they’re stylish without being fussy.

2. Wear used clothes

Shop at thrift stores, flea markets, and, whenever possible at some cheap sales. Though you can find gear designed to look “hippie” in other places, the whole point of hippie fashion was to stop buying what big corporations were selling in favor of used clothing that was purchased locally. Many hippies are into sewing and other handcrafts, if you can make your clothes, that’s even better. In making your clothes, a little effort goes a long way, something that was made by you nets you a lot more credit than something that was anonymously bought from someone else.

3. Try out a vest

A vest is a great option for accessorizing with other tops. You can shop for a vest at local markets or make one yourself. You can add various types of beads and feathers so that your vest looks attractive and hippie. In the ’60s, at the height of hippiedom, the suede fringe vest was a classic option for men and women alike. You can try long or short, colorful or monochrome, loose or tight, floral, beaded.

4. Carefully choose your kind of jacket

Although the vintage denim jacket is a classic hippie, there are other options if you want to spice things up. If it has beads, embroidery, or patterned trim, go for it. Leather, suede, sheepskin, or even fur are all good choices for a jacket. An army jacket can also be managed although some hippies might misinterpret the clothing, to avoid this situation you can embroider peaceful slogans on it to make your intentions clear. Hoodies are comfortable and nice but they are not generally thought of as hippie material. You can wear them a little but it’s better to not rely on them. In general, stick to older jackets. Newer T-shirts can be made to fit into a hippie wardrobe, but newer jackets are hard to incorporate.

5. Go for denim bell-bottoms

Faded, torn, or patched jeans will work if the rest of the outfit is sufficiently hippie, but the holy grail of hippie’s bottoms is none other than the denim bell-bottoms. Back in the past both men and women both wore these as they’re a staple of hippie culture. Embroider a peace-sign patch on your bell-bottoms. Denim, corduroy, or patterned pants will work as long as it has that characteristically hippie flair at the bottom. These might be a good alternative to your best pair of denim bell-bottoms.

6. Get some denim shorts, especially if they're ripped or torn

Or better yet, rehab your old ones by fraying, ripping, or tearing them. It is always good to do this by yourself rather than buying it from local shops because if when you making it by yourself you can add more elements you like to give out a more hippie look. If you’re male, turn your old jeans into cutoffs. If you’re female, try turning your old jeans into short shorts. The grungier, the better, especially if you’re a guy. You’re not concerned with your clothes being pristine and pressed.

7. Utilize your options if you're a lady

There’s much more that you can do with bottoms as a female. If the weather is fine, you have many options. You can try loose, flowy skirts (think gypsy style), dresses such as tunics or sundresses, even mini- or micro-skirt (especially if paired with above-the-knee boots). Many male hippies in the past did wear robes and even skirts. There are skirts made especially for men. Don’t be afraid to wear what feels right regardless of gender.

8. Choose the right kind of sandal or flip-flop

Though hippies are famous for going on barefoot, they often wear flat sandals when going barefoot isn’t practical. The sandals that are often associated with hippies are Birkenstocks. They have cork bottoms and leather upper material. Try also leather flip flops. They’re easy to put on and pull off and look great with dresses and skirts.

9. Grow your hair out

Whether you’re male or female, long hair is the norm. So make sure to grow it as much as you can. Simply said, just leave your hair the way it is. This is mainly because you’re not going to worry about getting it cut. It should be clean, but it doesn’t have to be anything beyond that.”Artfully disheveled” is a definite look you could pull off as a hippie. Whatever comes naturally to your follicles is how you should rock your mop. Men can grow out their facial hair, too.

10. Wear a headband

Wear your headband horizontally over your forehead, and accessorize it with a flower ( even a daisy is fine). If you want a feather in your hair more permanently or just don’t like the idea of killing a flower to decorate your hair look for a flower clip that you can put in your hair along with your headband. If you can’t find a headband, make your own with string. Try to find a stretchy fabric for your string, cotton, or other, an inelastic string will begin to hurt and may leave a mark on your forehead if worn for a long time.

11. Style your hair minimally

Leave your hair long, loose, and low-maintenance. You might have noticed that hippies don’t have well-maintained hair, they just go natural as possible. Don’t put any chemicals in it. The less you style it, the better. If you’re a man, leave your facial hair scruffy and unkempt. If you do need to tie your hair up, put it in a low ponytail, two low ponytails, or a braid.

12. Consider getting dreadlocks if you think you could deal with them

Getting dreadlocks is notoriously difficult, but they’re worth it if you think that you can pull them off. They’re a labor of love. They’re semi-permanent labor of love, so make sure you’re committed before you leap.

13. Keep the make-up to a minimum

For women, you shouldn’t be heaping your face with makeup but rather try to go bare. A bit of black kohl outlining your eyes is okay but not much more than that. Stay away from lipstick and any outrageous, obvious coloring. You’re a child of the earth, after all.

Follow the quick 13 steps mentioned above to change yourself into a hippie real fast whenever you need it.