Being a fashion expert is not an easy task it requires both your dedication and time. Becoming a fashion expert can be helpful for your fashion-oriented career whether its in writing, modeling, clothes making, or even running a business.

1. Learning More About Fashion

Try to learn and research about ‘fashion lingo’. This is worth researching, as, after all, you want to know what you’re talking about. Don’t go overboard using words no one’s ever heard of. Find a fashion vocabulary online, or ask for advice from another expert. Make sure you’re using the words right though.

2. Keeping Up with Trends

Keep up on some of the cutest and latest trends. If you’re not keeping up on at least some of the newest trends, to fellow fashion experts you’ll seem clueless and ignorant. Read famous fashion blogs to know about the latest trends. It’s important to know which trends work and which don’t though as an example, skinny jeans might flatter you whereas elephant pants are just unlikeable. It is important to be a trendsetter, but a fashion expert’s words are worth respecting.

3. Get yourself a reputation as a trendsetter

Shop at the local designer stores, even if you’re not that rich just get the idea of the newest fashion also there must be something in there you can afford. Be a devoted client to these boutiques and you will get noticed for your unique style and clothing.

4. Search through your closet first

A person never knows what they truly have until they take a good look into their closet. You may have outfits that can be revamped and still look very fashionable. A good tailor would be most important in this situation to have things refitted for the new style you are trying to achieve. Also be aware sometimes what you are looking for could be right under your nose.

5. Create your fashion journal

Cut out clothes or styles that you like and paste them into your fashion journal and create a unique fashion journal yourself. Find out some outfits you are interested in then write down a couple of your favorite outfits and say how you feel in them. Draw outfits on mannequins, for different body sizes and shapes.

6. Invest in classics

It’s important to splurge on basics because if you’re going to wear something all the time, it better to be high-quality and fit well. A cashmere cardigan, trench coat, string of pearls, pantsuit, and little black dress will take you from season to season year to year.

7. Create a cool outfit

Create a cool outfit that looks and feels great. Use matching colors and patterns. When you buy your clothes make sure they fit, you shouldn’t wear too tight or too baggy clothes because they will ruin your figure. Also, make sure they feel good. Don’t buy them if they make you itchy or very uncomfortable.

8. Add accessories

From beads to earrings or rings to bracelets. You can add color and more attraction to any outfit matched with perfect accessories. Make sure that they match and they don’t feel uncomfortable.

9. Be an innovator

Create your style. Start as a follower, but gradually give your best to become a trendsetter. Have faith in your dressing sense and wear those outfits only which boost confidence in you.

10. Go for quality over cost

Invest in top-rate quality clothing that fits well and at this point, you shouldn’t worry about the price. The color of the clothing should not fade after every wash.

You can follow the above 10 tips to become a fashion expert and reach your expected fashion dreams.